Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Let's talk about sex: 5 Tips for Big Girl sexual positions


What's Libido?      

It's your sex drive or sexually desire for another person. Increasing your exercise and lowering your body weight will level out your hormones when you are feeling bad, had a difficult day or if your angry at your partner.

Sexual organs are affected by the restricted blood flow due to fat deposits into the vessels. Exercise and weight loss counter act this factor and improves your sex drive.

A simple walk (5miles) around my neighborhood with my hubby on a Saturday morning affords us quality time during the walk and later that evening. Although I am a big girl under construction I know the benefits first hand on how losing ten pounds and exercising boost my morale both mentally and sexually.

The forbidden word....SEX. The three letter word we don't want to speak about when it comes to our own experiences.The fact is the more I learn and share my own experiences with sex the more I will have to work with. I don't know about you but anything I can do to increase variety and spontaneity I am down to take notes.
In the meantime while you are planning your healthy lifestyle change and exercise regimen here is 5 Big girl sexual positions for you to try.

5 Big Girl Sexual Positions  

  • "Ride them cowboy" : Straddle your partner and face him. Use pillows to elevate your knees if needed and add height for a better positioning. Having control can become addictive ladies.

  • "I got your back": Reverse straddle your partner with your back facing him. You can remain sitting up with your hands on his thighs or lean in on the straddle and grasps his ankles. Again,use pillows to assist for positioning. 

  • Doggy Style: For deeper penetration this position can be performed on any leveled surface. Pillows can be used to lean in on which allows the penis for direct entry to the vagina. Your partner has a better a greater chance of hitting that G-Spot and making the experience a memorable one.

  • The X Factor: Here the woman is going to lie on her back and have the knees bent up to her hips, thighs will be spread out as much as possible. After a guy inserts his penis the woman will need to bring her legs together, the man will swing around so that they are at a 45 degree angle. A bit more of a difficult position the first time around, but still a great sex positions for overweight women.

  • Head to Toe position: Lie you your sides with genitalia facing one another in opposite directions. Rubbing of the tummies is eliminated in this scenario. You should be facing your partners feet and he should be facing yours. Maneuver your genitalia until there is action.

  • Until the next blog, I wish you the confidence to change. Knowledge is power and mastering your healthy lifestyle change with exercise will increase your sexual desire. Have fun!

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